About Me

I design high-converting financial and SaaS products for founders and industry leaders, from pre-seed startups to multinational enterprises, spanning B2B and B2C omni-channel strategies.

I’m passionate about building intuitive solutions for complex problems that provide direct value to users and businesses, as well as enjoy driving strategy, ideation, prioritization, problem-solving, and product delivery.

An image of me working with a hand-picked team of design leads to re-image help across all Intuit products.

Experience Highlights

Product Design:
16+ years globally crafting B2B and B2C brands and products across diverse form factors.

13+ years leading cross-functional teams to define product strategy, delivering simple, well-designed solutions addressing unique business and user needs.

Design Systems:
Spearheaded the creation of complex multi-platform design systems and pattern libraries for 12+ years.

Financial Technology Expertise:
11+ years specializing in financial technology, including 6+ years designing and managing payment card programs.

User Research:
Conducted qualitative research for 11+ years, leveraging insights to drive informed product decisions.

Metrics-Driven Design:
Applied metrics for 11+ years to guide design decisions and measure success.

Executive Coaching:
Provided design and innovation coaching to senior executives for 8+ years, reporting directly to the CEO for 6+ years.

Patented Solutions:
Recognized for ingenuity with successfully designing and patenting two utility solutions while working at Intuit.

Image of me presenting to senior leaders at Intuit a new concept for help.

Skill Highlights

Product Process Expertise:
Proficient in the end-to-end iterative product process, utilizing personas, job stories, journey mapping, content modeling, wire-framing, prototyping, user testing, and high-fidelity visuals. Collaborates seamlessly with PM and PD in agile methodologies.

Time Management & Team Balance:
Excellently manages time and priorities while harmonizing team dynamics, product goals, and processes.

Design & Systems Thinking:
Demonstrates excellent design and systems thinking, guiding, evaluating, and redirecting as needed.

Effective Communication:
Proficient communicator with strong presentation skills, adept at articulating ideas, engaging in healthy debate, and accepting directional feedback.

Continuous Learning & Awareness:
Naturally curious and passionate about design and digital products, maintaining awareness of evolving tools, technologies, resources, and trends.

Operational Excellence:
Deep operational rigor, consistently seeking to enhance team culture (people, process, and tools) and cross-functional partnerships.

Aesthetics Awareness:
Extremely passionate and experienced, emphasizing the importance of design aesthetics.

Collaborative & Humble:
Enjoys collaborating with fellow designers, consistently exhibiting kindness and humility in everyday interactions.

I also enjoy living life to the fullest outside of work...

Now that you know a little about me, I would love to get to know you.

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